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 Meet our Executive Board


Todd Kegley - President
The longest serving President in the history of our local. Todd takes a very hands on approach and his leadership skills have proven very valuable in our contract negotiations.  He has been instrumential in fostering a sense of solidarity within our membership. You can contact Todd at todd.kegley@usw9231.com.


Dan Nimtz - Vice President
Dan is serving his first term as Vice President for our local. He has also served as the CRAN JAC Representative for the previous term and has participated in  contract negotiations. You can contact Dan at dan.nimtz@usw9231.com.

Nick Gessinger - Recording Secretary

This is Nick's first term as Recording Secretary. Nick is the Chair for the Mentor Program and was fundamental in setting up this program at our local. You can contact Nick at nick.gessinger@usw9231.com.

Kristy Frantz - Financial Secretary

Kristy is serving her second term as Financial Secretary.  Along with her duties as Financial Secretary, Kristy also serves as Chair of the Women of Steel Committee, Co-Chair of the Mentor Program, Co-Chair of the Community Service Committee, is on the I/Nvolvement Committee, Solidarity Committee, and is a fire safety trainer.  You can contact Kristy at kristy.frantz@usw9231.com.

Rob Caudillo - Treasurer

Rob is in his first term as the USW 9231 Treasurer. Rob is also a crane trainer, fire safety trainer and forklift trainer. You can contact Rob at robert.caudillo@usw9231.com.

Other Local Officers:


Jeff Bata

Andrew Bartkowiak

Nathan Novello


Inner Guard:

Chris Loomis


Outer Guard:

Taylor Dye



Pat Feeney


Check out our Events page to find out what events are happening in our Local Union and pertaining to Labor activities.

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